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left hand slice   Reduce heat loss in your home with energy efficient windows from Classic Home Improvements

Energy Efficient Windows from Classic PVC Home Improvements

What are A-rated energy efficient windows?
Classic's ranges of energy efficient windows are window types that will help your home conserve as much heat as possible whilst keeping out both rain and wind. They also allow natural heat from the sun to pass through the glass and keep condensation levels to a minimum. Energy efficient windows are suitable for use in all pvc-u, timber and Aluminium types of frames.


energy efficient window system in a conservatory
how energy efficient windows operate
This illustrates how sunlight is allowed to pass through the pilkington energikare window and conserved as natural heat indoors.

Why choose energy efficient windows from Classic?
Two good reasons. Save money and save the planet!
Firstly, saving money on your heating bills. If you have either single glazing or double glazing windows installed before 2002 you could be losing more heat through your windows than you realise. By simply installing an energy efficient window system can reduce heat loss through your windows by up to 75%. Fact!

Secondly, saving the planet. As installing energy efficient windows reduces heat loss in your home, this in turn also reduces the amount of fuel you will use heating your home. Therefore, generating less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere (reducing your carbon footprint).

Other benefits from using energy efficient windows:

  • Create a comfortable stable temperature in your home via having less draughts, cold spots and heat loss.
  • Gain peace & quiet from unwanted outdoor noise through increased sound insulation.
  • A reduction of condensation build up on the inside of the windows

pilkington energikare cross section illustration

The Pilkington energiKare™ window system contains two special types of glass:-

Pilkington K Glass™, is the UK's best selling low emissivity glass which helps conserve heat within your home.

Pilkington Optiwhite™ is a special 'extra-clear' type of glass. It increases the degree of solar heat gain and makes home feel warmer without the need to turn up heating.

Filling the double glazed unit with argon gas or using air filling with a new "warm edge spacer bar" stops further heat escaping from homes.

Classic's range of energy efficient windows

All our window ranges are available to purchase with either Pilkington Energyikare classic (C-Rated) windows or A-Rated window systems. You can choose from a range of upvc tilt & turn, aluminium frames or vertical sliding (sash) windows. With over 20 years experience, let Classic source the right product to suit your home.
energy efficient double glazing from Classic Llanelli, Swansea, UK
uPVC double glazing
uPVC wood grain or white double glazing can deliver the same trouble-free years of service as well as giving a modern touch to your home.
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energy efficient windows with  aluminium frames from Classic Llanelli, Swansea, UK
Aluminium Windows
Greater comfort, better insulation, minimal maintenance, aesthetically pleasing appearance and enhanced security.
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energy efficient vertical sash windows from Classic Llanelli, Swansea, UK
Vertical Sliders
Provide extra comfort and practical features for modern living, without any compromise to the character of your home.
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reduce your heating bills through installing energy efficient windows from  Classic Home Improvements

Getting a quote for an energy efficient window system in your home can reduce your heating bills significantly!

Contact Classic via the telephone number or email address below. We have a huge range of window types, frames and sizes to suit your home. What are you waiting for?

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How to recognise energy efficient windows

Energy efficient window suppliers such as Classic will have a BFRC (British Fenestration Rating Council) window rating label. The BFRC window rating is based on a scale of A-G ('A' being the most efficient window rating and 'G' being the least efficient) This scale is very similar to what you will find on many electrical products these days including, fridges, washing machines etc. indicating power consumption.

The BFRC window energy rating label contains all the necessary factors which calculate the overall energy efficiency of a window.

Bfrc Logo - energy rated windows   A Rated Windows based on BFRC ratings    

Click here to view the energy ratings for Classic's energy efficient window systems on the official BFRC website the UK’s national system for rating Energy Efficient Windows.

The BFRC label states:

  1. The actual window rating (rated A - G)
  2. Window energy rating
  3. Window U-value
  4. Effective window heat loss due to air/wind penetration
  5. Solar heat gain

Put simply, these factors will tell you how well the window system will perform with:

  • Heat conservation in your home during cooler periods
  • The window's effectiveness to keep out wind
  • Resisting the build up of condensation in your home.
more information on energy efficient windows
Values A-Rated
Double Glazing
U Value 1.2 1.5 2.7
LT-Value 81% 76% 82%
G-Value 74% 78% 78%
RW-Value Yes Yes Yes
energy efficient window values

Window Values Explained

This is a measure of heat loss. The lower the number, the better the insulation.

A measure of light transmission. The higher the LT-Value the greater the amount of solar light transferred into your home.

This is a measure of free solar heat. The higher the G-Value, the greater the free solar heat admitted into your home.

A measure of noise reduction. The higher the RW-Value, the better the noise reduction.

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